Monday, October 28, 2013

Interviewing Alberto Cisamolo by "Linea Nostra" Shoes

Hi there, today my post is the interview to Alberto Cisamolo creator and owner of Linea Nostra
"Many years of passion, only the creator can know that sense of satisfaction, of  joy absolute that I feel every time one of my shoes worn meets me with those little dreams that make full the lives of others and then only as those who dress them. 
I love my job, and what born from it, so within your life, believing in the elegance and personal language of beauty which accompanied me" 
Before the interview I wanna  read you this beautiful sentence  written by Alberto that you can find on his website, sentence deep and full of meaning which itself contains the whole of his being a nice person and really genuine. 

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PAOLA: How and when did this passion start? 
ALBERTO: It all started from my family business, with many years of hard working where I was born and grown ... , But then this experience was closed and I decided to reinvent myself and get in the game with my own products and my own company. 
It 's all born from the love of this job about a year ago, first friends asked me my shoes, they saw and liked and then everything grew 
PAOLA: Who is the cutomer type who search your shoes? 
ALBERTO: I do not have a typical customer, my customer goes by all ages and kinds of people, young and less. fashionable, and person with the need to measure shoes for physical problems, but also companies 
PAOLA: Your customers are only Italian? 
ALBERTO: Well it is so for now, I would say that it is mainly the Veneto area and neighboring regions 
PAOLA: What was the strangest request you received? 
ALBERTO: Strange requests.. , well I would say a lot of great satisfaction and recognition .... to answer the question, let's say maybe a different shoe from the other (right to left), the same model but made in different colors or materials, but nothing so strange 
PAOLA: A few words about your future ... how you see yourself to be? 
ALBERTO: I see myself doing this job that is my passion, then there are so many things, so many projects, collaborations and especially so many ideas ... 
will be the future ... 

And finally I can tell you that this experience was really very special and rich for me, I have seen first hand how a handmade shoe, very interesting ... In his own laboratory we breathed the smell of' handmade craftsmanship, creativity, what about his shoes are very beautiful and sure you can fenjoy them online too
A big kiss to you soon and always with me....

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