Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feathers feathers feathers... check out the DIY!

diy ring, feathers

English tutorial
Feathers feathers feathers
It's a little bit of time that "fashion feathers" is out, and I'm  going crazy for their charm and so I decided to create this ring.
Easy to pair and use.
Needed: I used feathers, hot glue and glazing that generally used for decoupage.
Tutorial: the time to make it happen is very little, to wear it you just have to wait for the vitrification dry.
I got a simple ring, you can also use the classic ring bases that are on the market, I glued it on with hot glue feathers, overlapping them slightly.
Finally I passed on each feather with a brush the glaze.
Et voila DIY is done ... just patience to wait the drying time.
A big kiss and soon a new diy

Il Tutorial in Italiano lo trovate su gowoman.it

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