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Interview: The Vintage Style Man @leonardochiti !

Foto: Nice talking about #vintage with @leonardodeuda at #vrbanfestival @newseventicomo ...#interview

Hi there, Sunday I went to Vrban EcoFestival in Verona.
I had the pleasure to meet  Leonardo Chiti founder of the brand Deuda | Vintage and Events
More than an interview was a really nice tlaking with a Vintage Style Man

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PAOLA : Who is Leonardo Chiti ?
LEONARDO . An enthusiast and lover of Vintage.
This passion  was born since I went to high school, when the vintage in Italy was still an unknown world.
To my interest I walked around the markets and stores doing research of clothes to wear, pure passion , to use.
After that my passion was growing up and I went to live in London where the Vintage was already ...
I started working in a vintage shop , and then I understood  that my passion could become a job.
 After 3 years I came back to Italy , the vintage had begun to growing up with A.N.G.E.L.O. and others.
Attending the first fairs , knowing ANGELO I started to get closer and closer to this world.
PAOLA : How was brand Deuda born?
LEONARDO : After my return to Italy, just as I said before , I opened Deuda , at first with only clothing, participating in trade fairs and selling to the shops. I also started to be contacted , like others, from the world of cinema who needed my clothes . Then I was invited to events, exhibitions , and from there started from about 4 years the brand Deuda | Vintage and Events , matching the vintage with the organization of events and music.
PAOLA : What's the meaning of  Deuda ?
LEONARDO : ... has a more philosophical  meaning, from Spanish language, that I love so much, literally means "debt" at the economic level , but for me it has a value more romantic ....
PAOLA : Really?
LEONARDO : Yes romantic , in the sense that I have a debt to the life that allowed me to turn my hobby into a business , which is not easy... .
PAOLA : What's the vintage for you?
LEONARDO : It's a philosophy  way of life although I have to admit that lately he has gone a little to lose, the vintage already exists you can not recreate ... and then there's a little thought for the future ...
PAOLA : And the Fashion Houses how they see the vintage ?
LEONARDO : Many Maison , being the vintage started in the 80's , they didn't keep their collections , they sold their warehouse, maybe the designer was keeping one for himself  but of course they did not archive and especially they made more less clothes than now. So they started to contact me, like others like me, to re-make or to study the seams... was something that they had never thought
PAOLA : A funny anecdote or detail of your business ?
LEONARDO : When I met Mr. Bianchi of LUBIAM , looking at his jackets is amazed and said "you have more jackets Lubiam then me " and looking  at a jacket of  72s said: " I ​​remember when I made this and I know that won't sell me it, never "
PAOLA : What's your plans for the future ?
LEONARDO : Well in October there will be the 7th edition of Arsenal Vintage Market , which has now become part of the national calendar of fairs, in July we participated in Lazise - Garda Lake with "Vintage Under the Stars " and is thought to present it again next year , maybe a project in Venice always matching  vintage and music and then ... much more.
But always nice to combine with an event a place that appreciates and that everyone has a way to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere , because this world is my passion and every stuff  hide a research, it's selling  poetry that goes over all...

For this interview, many thanks to Leonardo Chiti and Sara Biondi News Eventi Como for their availability and sympathy
A big kiss and soon

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