Monday, January 28, 2013

Today Diy necklace with hair clips inspired by Aurèlie Bidermann !

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What's up today? A new Diy, to make  it for just a few material and 10 minutes of your time, really very easy, but very effective, and to make it I was inspired by this beautiful necklace by Aurèlie Bidermann. What does it need? Hair clips, golden ribbon, double-adhesive tape, golden spray  and  turquoise nail polish. I put the double-adhesive tape on the gloden ribbon, then I put  the hair clips, then I colored it with the spray and after drying I put a little bit of turquoise nail polish on the tips of the hair clips (I'm sorry but the last 2 steps there are no pics) . It's easy, isn't it?

Cosa c'è oggi? Un nuovo Diy, per farlo solo pochi materiale e 10 minuti del vostro tempo, veramente semplice semplice, ma di grande effetto, e per farlo mi sono ispirata a questa bellissima collana di Aurèlie Bidermann. Cosa serve? Dei ferma capelli, del nastro color oro, nastro biadesivo, color oro spray e smalto turchese. Ho messo il biadesivo sul nastro, poi vi ho inserito i fermacapelli, poi con lo spray ho colorato e dopo l' asciugatura ho messo un pò di smalto turchese sulle punte dei fermacapelli (mi dispiace ma degli ultimi 2 passaggi non ci sono le foto). Semplicissimo, no?

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  1. Oh that is a really cool and unusual necklace! And low budget too, I like it!

  2. Thanks for your visit and so kind comment. Kisses and see u soon