Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two awards received and two awards for each of you .... help just 15 blogs to reward

Today I've received this great news, I was filled with joy and I have to thank a mom with a beautiful blog ... and probably with a very big heart for including me in her list ....  and many  thanks to her blog .... really to visit!!

sorry I can not publish the rest ... I do not understand the problem

Well now I'm going to do homework ... I have to write 7 things about me, answer 16 questions and link 15  blogs that I like. Well the 15 blogs are too few, that is cheating and if I put more?
There are many more that I like, but if I have to put just 15 .... I'm thinking  .... it's too hard to choose ... ambarabbàciccicocco ...
Here is another difficult task to talk about myself ... let's see

1. I am a little crazy ... (lokk at my  creations)
2. I can not sit still
3. I can not have schedules, but if  its need ... I'm punctual
4. I love animals, especially the 4 legged with fleas
5. I like to travel ... go around visiting new places
6. I love the sea, the sun, the beach ... I was born  there.... but unfortunately I'm not leaving there

7. I love art and creativity ... all forms ... everything makes me travel with the mind

1) What is the last purchase made? A pair of electric blue jeans
2) What will be your "must / have" spring summer? Lace and color color color ...
3) Long nails or short? Averages
4) Lipstick or lip gloss? gloss
5) Boots or sandals? Depends on season
6) Tanning yes or not? Oh yeah
7) Perfume or scented water? nothing
8) What's your  ​​plans for the summer? I am not a planner ... But sure  I'll go to the Sea
9) Eyes or lips in the foreground? eyes
10) Earth or blush? Blush
11) Gym or delightful? Both of them ... there is a time for everything
12) shorts or mini? Both ... although I prefer more a lover of denim shorts
13) straight or curly hair? Smooth ...super smooth
14) Your color for the summer? Black and electric blue, but also depends on the mood ...
15) Day at the beach or the mountains? Sea sea sea
16) Foundation Summer? If I do not use it ... but almost never

And now here is the arduous task of linking the blogs ... but who am I to take this decision? ... it's too hard, but sure many thanks to the lovely
The task has been arduous and difficult .... but I've done it.
and many  thanks again to those who have give me the award-winning
Now I'm leaving you to do homework. Kisses

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